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Q: What if my client has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19?
A: We do have special consideration for individuals who have had full vaccination against COVID-19*
A copy of the vaccination card showing full vaccination has been completed will serve as documentation.
This will allow, underwriting for situations such as:
• Individuals over the age of 80
• Individuals ages 60–79 and rated over T4
• Medical Professionals who would have normally been postponed.
• Standard or better risks with foreign travel plans (Individual Consideration on substandard risks)

Age Retention Limits Maximum Table Rating
0–75 $5,000,000 All Ratings
76–80 $2,000,000 Table 8
81–85 $1,000,000 Table 4

*Please note: We are monitoring this very closely and these guidelines may change as new information is developed
regarding COVID-19, its variants and vaccinations.

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